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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ceramo-Dot Adjustment Kits

DVA’s Ceramo-Dot adjustment kits are designed for the dental laboratory. They allow the dental lab to not only thank their accounts for their patronage, but provide a kit that allows them to safely re-smooth and re-polish restorative restorations. Ceramo-Dotz is an outstanding product for the fast, simple polishing of ceramic restorations to a high-luster in seconds. The one-time use Ceramo-Dotz is an easy to use discardable system, which greatly simplifies the prevention of cross-contamination.

The results can be seen is seconds when applied to materials such as:

  • Lithium Disilicate,
  • Lucite Based Ceramics,
  • Zirconia,
  • all-types of porcelains.


DVA’s current customers are simply distributing one kit with each case departing the laboratory.

DVA’s Ceramo-Dotz represents minor alterations of a product selected as one of the “top 25 new dental products for 2008.”

Product Demo

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