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Monthly Archives: July 2013


I Just Love Saving People Time and Complexity

We’re in the business of manufacturing and selling dental products – sort of. If you take another look at what we do, we’re actually in the business of saving our customers time and complexity. And of course, that results in financial savings.

I was just watching a training video of someone polishing a crown using a competitive product. The procedure went on and on and the person doing the polishing had to use three different tools. Talk about tedious!

Our YouTube Channel

Did you know we have a lot of videos that show you how easy it is to use our products? If you’ve never been to our YouTube channel, you should try it. Just go to:

http://www.youtube.com/user/DentalVentures?feature=watch. We’ve got nearly two dozen videos there and I’ll be adding more as soon as I can get them filmed and done!

At this web address – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyc8RiAuLh0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUgij2-2o41W4qmURHT3WVHg – you’ll see what it’s like to polish a 3M Lava Ultimate crown using our Hy-Brite product. There’s really no comparison between Hy-Brite and this other product I was looking at. The average crown can be polished in less than a minute. You’ll see it right in front of your eyes if you watch the video.

And the brush we provide with the Hy-Brite does the job in one step. That’s quite a comparison to the other product line, where the person doing the work had to stop and change tools twice to make that crown look as lustrous and natural as the patient’s other teeth.

Speeding Up the Process

It sure makes me wonder why anyone would use anything else. Unless, of course, they just hadn’t heard yet how easy we can make their job. I figure that practices using these other products are taking about three times as long to complete their polishing. That means they take their ability to get crowns out of the lab down to one-third. I’m happy to help them speed things up.

This is a very fast-changing industry. These new materials by 3M are a remarkable advancement over the materials we had just a short time ago. But they provide a great improvement in durability, absorption of chewing forces and adjustability. Providing you with the tools and materials you need to make your use of these new materials fast and easy is a satisfying job for me. It’s easy to see that advancements are not going to stop coming along any time soon. We’re going to continue to supply the materials you need to make your job a breeze.

Better, faster, easier, simpler! These are all words that mean more profit for you.

The Common Denominator of Our Products

If you are familiar at all with our products, you may have noticed that there’s a few remarkable qualities they have in common.

  1. They are simple.

  2. They are efficient.

  3. They save you time.

  4. They therefore save you money.

Last week, I wrote about Hy-Brite. I know exactly how much faster and easier it is to polish restorations made of hybrid materials with Hy-Brite compared to the other products on the market. One fast step, less than a minute. I don’t see why anyone would use anything else.

And then there’s something as simple as our Waxie-Paste. Rather than having to hold a strip of paper or ribbon or focus a spray marking solution on just the right area, Waxie-Paste goes on cleanly with a small brush. It stays right where you want it. You don’t need to grow a new hand to use it. And when you’ve made your adjustments, you just wash it away. You won’t have remnants of a marking solution dirtying up your restorations because it washes away clean.

All Our Products Have the Same Simple Basis

Take a look at our ULTRA Twin-Tray System. This product also combines what used to be multiple steps into one fast operation. We’ve got one lab that told us that their speed at producing models increased more than one-third. You’ll see when you add this system to your lab – there are just fewer steps involved. Since some of our products involve a whole new way of operating, we have provided many demonstration videos that help you grasp your savings. Here’s the video for the ULTRA Twin-Tray system: https://www.dentalventures.com/ultra-twin-tray-model-systems/#demo

We like to help dentists and labs work smarter, not longer. With economics the way they are now, working smarter is a sheer necessity.

I Want to Add You to My Testimonial Page

I am collecting stories from dentists and labs that are using our products and I’d like to add yours. Here’s the page on which our testimonials appear: https://www.dentalventures.com/testimonials/

If you are already a customer, send your testimonial to us at matts@dentalventures.com.

Whether you are a customer or not, you can become a product evaluator for us. We’re not stopping with the product line we’ve got. We always have new products in development and to ensure they are as simple and time-saving as the ones we already offer, we need people to try them out. Fill out the form on this page to apply: https://www.dentalventures.com/index.php/become-a-product-evaluator.

We are very proud of the track record we’ve accumulated over the last several years. We’ve repeatedly had products selected as top dental products of the year and we plan to win this recognition in the future as well.

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