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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Wonder Wax – Cervical

DVA’s Cervical Wax is non-rebounding and totally tension free formula offering increased transparency allowing for visual control of the cervical margin. One will find that our Cervical Wax totally eliminates the flooding of a margin to the overheated wax. DVA’s formula is not temperature sensitive as it can be applied accurately at various temperatures. Customers have reported that this unique wax formula offers enhanced mold-ability when forming and bonds incredibly well to other casting waxes; especially DVA’s Wonder Wax Sculpting formula. It is a high-functioning yet economically priced product.  DVA’s Cervical Wax is sold in 70 grams tins and is available in a very popular ‘Red’ color. The increased tin size reduces the number of annual shipments, thus reducing annual shipping costs, etc.Benefits:


  1. Zero temperature sensitivity, which eliminates flooding of wax
  2. Non-rebounding and completely tension free.
  3. Increased transparency allowing for visual control of cervical margin
  4. Enhanced Mold-ability
  5. Bonds exceptionally well to all casting waxes


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We’ve Got You Covered

Maybe you’re just familiar with our most popular products, like Acryl-Marvel, Zircon-Brite or Waxie-Paste. These products have plenty of fans. And our polishing products as a category are pretty well known.

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