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Yearly Archives: 2014

We Love Our Friends and Customers

We don’t really see a difference between our friends and our customers. We so appreciate the dentists, dental lab owners and dental techs who use our products. We have something special in common with them – we both know a good product when we see it. When they call us and tell us they have recognized the time and money savings they can achieve by using our products, well, I guess you could say it creates a bond. We work hard to offer just that kind of product so part of our reward comes when someone notices.

Like the call we have on our website from David Andrews about Waxie Paste. He didn’t think it was going to work when he first saw it. But he knows our product line and knows what we have been able to achieve for him up to this time. So he set his doubts aside for a moment.

He found that Waxie Paste gave him a great way to mark an implant case with a cantilever pontic. The indicating paper he had been using would get marks all over the place and as a result, there would be too much grinding away of material, which would leave a space underneath it. With the Waxie Paste, he got an accurate record of the interference.

When the Waxie Paste was brushed on, it went on evenly and he got an excellent indication of the exact adjustments that were needed. It didn’t take up any room to speak of so it was easy to get an accurate measurement. He said it was so much easier to use than similar products from our competitors and washed off easily.

He Practically Comparison-Tested Our Zircon-Brite

In a way, he did us a big favor with regard to our Zircon-Brite. He had a polishing compound he liked to use, but when he ran out of it, he couldn’t find where to get more. He began to buy and try one polish after another to find something comparable to the compound he ran out of. “I was on a mission,” he said. He ordered some from every manufacturer he could find. Some worked okay and some hardly worked at all.

In the end, he had gone through fourteen different products.

When he found Zircon-Brite, it was just what he was looking for so he could quit. It turned out that it was far more affordable than most of these other products. It’s not too surprising that he called me up to tell me that he loves these products.

If you’re already using our products, help us reach more people. Tell other technicians or dentists about our products and help them save time and money like you’re able to do. It may be hard to see the profit in sharing like this but it might just win you more friends in the long run. We know how valuable those friends are.

Hygiene in the Dental Lab and Chairside

While we are known as polishing gurus, we have not forgotten about your need for help with matters of hygiene. There are a few different dental lab products we provide that support your hygiene procedures.

Seal & Shine

When you deliver a denture, you want it to have a pleasant appearance and you want it to be sealed against any bacteria growth. This enables your patients to have a healthier environment in their mouths and keep down the growth of bacteria that could produce bad odors. A simple application of Seal & Shine on an acrylic denture and you will get the result you’re looking for. And your patient will see the beautifully finished denture they were expecting.


When you are working with ceramic restorations, Ceramo-Dotz enables you to finish and polish these restorations in just about record time. Because these compounds come in individual ingots, you can work chairside without cross-contamination. Fast, one-step process eliminates the need for multiple steps and multiple polishing and shaping tools at this final step. Ceramo-Dotz will work with any ceramics, lithium disilicate or zirconia.


This is the same type of product, but formulated for composite restorations. And again, it comes in ingots for operatory work.

Perfect Pour

We provide a complete kit for manufacturing full dentures, partial dentures, flippers, night guards and other items. The unique molecular structure of Perfect Pour eliminates porosity for less shrinkage and better protection against bacteria. Together with Shine & Seal, you offer your patients all the features they are looking for in dentures or night guards.

Our customers who stock our dental lab supplies love Perfect Pour. For that reason, we offer this product in a ten kilo bucket (that translates to 22 pounds) with five one-liter bottles of the liquid component. The is an economic way to stock Perfect Pour.


This is another fine operatory product. Many dental labs will send an acrylic bridge to a dental practice with a small amount of Acryl-Mavel. Then the practice can use Acryl-Marvel to restore the polish after a fitting.

For this purpose, Acryl-Marvel also comes in small ingots – these are shaped like a tooth. If the acrylic restoration needs any final polish after a fitting – and you know it happens frequently – then the practice has the individuals-sized supply of Acryl-Marvel right to hand. Here again, no cross-contamination.

We stay pretty familiar with the procedures you need to follow as you protect your patients from contamination issues. If you have an idea of a new product that would make your life simpler or improve hygiene in your practice even more, let us know. We are always interested in how we can help you streamline your processes even further. And frankly, we enjoy a good challenge.

What Makes Our Waxes Different?

What Makes Our Waxes Different from Other Dental Lab Supplies?

There’s plenty of waxes on the dental lap supply market. Just like we do with all our other products, we try to give you not only the best product on the market, we try to think outside the box when we engineer our products. Our idea of product development is to give you something a little different, a little more advanced (sometimes a LOT more). Not just another version of the same old wax or polishing compound.

This is the way we approached our formula for Dip N’ Cast waxes. We offer you four colors of Dip N’ Cast waxes in two consistencies. You can choose a firm consistency or a flexible consistency. There are two colors of each, allowing you to distinguish margins clearly.

As the name implies, it can be used to coat the surface of a die. Our waxes enable you to count on less shrinkage so that you don’t have to reseal die margins. You can remove the wax pattern and then replace and reseat it without then needing to seal the margins again.

On every job you do with Dip N’ Cast, you will see a consistent thickness to each dip. You’ll know what to expect each time which makes your job faster and you don’t need to make so many adjustments.

Have you Seen our Hotstikz?

We are very proud of our HotStikz product. If you look at other sticky wax products, they’ve got you using burners and open flames to melt the wax for adhesion purposes. We took the model of a glue gun and adapted it to sticky wax. You have greater safety without the open flame and greater precision with our heating element in our gun-like applicator keeping the wax at a consistent temperature. This means you know what the wax is going to do every time. It’s not going to be hotter one time and then less hot (and therefore thicker) the next time like it would be if it was just being melted in a flame.

When other sticky wax is heated, it gets all runny which decreases your control of where it goes and how much of the wax gets applied. Hotstikz will give you a consistent amount of wax in a consistent pattern. Like so many of our products, this is going to save you time. It will cleanly peel away from the work surface, too. These two qualities mean that you are going to save time on the production line. Your dies will be stabler, and then when the wax is removed, they will be cleaner. You can expect this wax to have a short cooling cycle, another time-saving feature.

These are not all the waxes we manufacture for you but these are all I have time for today. Next time, we’ll talk about Wonder Wax and some of the other products we make to use when you’re working with our waxes. 

Hy-Brite Works & Latest Dental Technology

If you have been working in dentistry for a while, then you have seen this industry change dramatically. I’m glad for all these changes. These new technologies provide excellent products with amazingly fast turnarounds.

For example, we have a lot of customers who are using the Sirona Dental System. It’s that end of our technology where the most changes are happening. With this in mind, I was looking at the Dental Compare blog today. I enjoy the scope of their reporting.

In a December 2013 post, they reported on the top ten products of the year. There’s a few scanners for digital impressions, a camera, a couple of lasers and a hybrid ceramic block for use in CAD/CAM. This new block from VITA ENAMIC incorporates the best qualities from both ceramics and polymers so that the finished restoration offers great results for your patients.

There’s not that many industries that play such a critical role in patients’ lives. Of course, medicine does, but patients rely on these onlays, crowns, bridges and dentures for the remainder of their lives. If these products fail, there’s discomfort and expense as well and the potential for more serious problems to develop. So the developments that let us offer faster service, great appearance and the durability patients want are all moves in the right direction.

We Work Hard to Keep Up

As technologies change, we have to keep up. If we only provided polishing agents for ceramic or metals, we would miss the chance to help our customers who are working with these hybrid materials. So that’s why I work hard to monitor the changes in the industry. When the next generation of materials comes out, I want to be able to provide the dental lab supplies you need to excel.

On the Dental Compare site, there is an article about these new technologies. This article makes the point that some people think this new technology fails to offer as good a result as more traditional dental lab technology. I agree with his conclusion: In the hands of well-trained people, the results are every bit as accurate, pleasing to the patient and durable.

When Hybrid Materials Hit the Market, We Developed Hy-Brite

It was the advancement of our industry that led us to develop Hy-Brite, our polishing product for these hybrid materials we were talking about. If you try to fire this material, the composite part of the combination will be destroyed. But this material is perfectly suited to the CAD/CAM systems.

Hy-Brite is the perfect polishing product for use with these materials. It comes with its own special soft-bristle brush. Just like many of our other polishing products, it will turn a milled restoration into a polished, beautifully finished product in seconds.

We’re going to continue to monitor the industry so we can provide you with the dental lab supplies and equipment you need to keep your operation profitable. If you’re working on something new that might require new dental products for finishing, polishing or operatory use, let us know. 

How the Right Dental Lab Supplies Can Result in Precision Modeling

I know I usually talk about our dental lab supplies related to polishing and sometimes waxes and such, but the fact is that our model system is widely accepted. If you have not heard about our precision system, then I guess it’s time I should talk about it.

The major advantage of our system is its accuracy. But that is, of course, a huge consideration. Your patients may be living with your restoration for the remainder of their lives.

We have developed a remarkably stable, accurate system for models. It took thinking through the problems with model-making from the very bottom to the top. Many people talk about problems in accuracy stemming from linear distortion coming from the setting expansion of stone.

Our system provides improvement of final linear cross-arch expansion. It’s been used for more than twenty years – that’s plenty of time to work out any bugs! The key to the accuracy of our system is a stable foundation that eliminates the moving or shifting of dowel pin locations. You just have to pre-determine the location of these pins relative to the impression before you pour the die.

Multiple studies have noted that a stable base eliminates this distortion. Our system uses this datum as the foundation of our process.

With our system, you don’t have to glue your pins into the dies. You start by relating the pre-manufactured base to the impression. You then drill precise pinholes in each location and then drop the pins into the holes. You used to have to pre-mark the location of each pin but now we have a new Alignment Fixture that eliminates this requirement. I’ll talk about that another time.

No glue is needed as the pinholes are tapered. Friction will do the work. That will save you time and money.

When you drop the pins into place, you don’t have to use a lot of pressure. That would tend to lock things together and you will need to remove and replace some of these pins.

Cutting the Model

Now, your model is stable. You can saw your arch into the segmented parts you need and the pins mean that your base is completely stable. There will be no expansion or distortion. The pins will return to their original locations with respect to the dies.

This system will save you so much production time and make the fits of the final restorations extremely accurate. That, of course, makes your patients very happy. And it means that you won’t have to do this work twice.

We’ve got a video on our website that will show you the whole process. You can see it by visiting https://www.dentalventures.com/precision-model-system/#demo. Let me know if we can answer any questions for you.

Acryl-Marvel in the Operatory? Yes, Now it’s Possible!

Our Acryl-Marvel has been incredible in the lab, cutting polishing time of your restorations way down. Some practitioners and lab techs are surprised to get so much from a dental lab product. Now, you don’t have to go back and forth between pumicing and final polishing. Acryl-Marvel will give your acrylic restorations a beautiful shine in one step.

But until recently, there were multiple cross-contamination procedures that had to be followed to use this product in the operatory. And it might be necessary for the dentist to move back and forth between the dental lab and the operatory to get the final adjustments made and a final smoothing and polishing done. That all ended when we created the Acryl-Marvel Adjustment Kit.

Stay Chairside and Save Time

If you could just smooth and polish a final adjustment of a restoration chairside and NOT have to go through elaborate (and required by law) cross-contamination prevention steps, that would save motion and save time, both for the dentist and the patient who is sitting there waiting. Now there are Acyrl-Marvel individual case ingots for your use.

Trim the denture with carbide or other cutting instrument and get it just right. Then you don’t have to use pumice to make the initial smoothing of the cut surfaces. Just apply Acryl-Marvel to the wooly you get with the kit, and polish the denture. No wet work needed, no pumicing, no moving to the lab.

You can get the same effect by going to the lab, but why would you want to?

A Great Use of Acryl-Marvel Ingots

I can provide these ingots – and others, like the Ceramo-Dotz for ceramics, lithium disilicate and other materials – in small plastic bags, ready for labs to send out with the finished work. When the customer gets the package, there’s the final polishing compound and a polishing wooly. All the customer has to do is make final adjustments, use the Acryl-Marvel and polishing wooly to smooth the trimmed edges and provide a final shine and they are done. They don’t have to think about stocking materials for the work done in the operatory.

When the lab includes a thank-you message with the delivery, this little gift acts as a powerful promotional message to customers.

By the Way, Any Problems with Acrylics?

I’ve been reading about people’s problems with acrylic pours. There’s shrinkage, there’s changes of colors between the time the material is cast and when it is cured. If you are having these problems, then you should look at another of our dental lab supplies, DVA Perfect Pour. As usual, our understanding of these materials has enabled us to manufacture a superior product that eliminates time in manufacture. If you are having to remanufacture acrylic products – ever! – then you should try our Perfect Pour. I think you will find that it makes your job so much easier.

And then, of course, when the restoration has been created, you have our Acryl-Marvel to do the perfect finishing with!

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