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The Founding of a Dental Company- Part 2

JPH NAVY“A Young Start”

In the first segment of my telling of the history of the founding of Dental Ventures of America, Inc., I mentioned how “happenstance” can impact one’s future. Such an occurrence was crucial in Jerry’s having become involved in dentistry. Upon graduation from high school in Fresno, California, Jerry wanted to be the first individual in his family to attend college. However, finding himself far short of having the financial support system to have that happen, he decided to forego his wish to further his education at that time, and instead opted to fulfill his military obligation by joining the U.S. Navy.
During his enlistment procedures, he was told he was qualified to go to any technical school he might request, and asked which area of training he would like to pursue. Having no actual idea, but having heard many stories from his three Irish-American uncles, who had all served in the Pacific campaigns during WWII. Jerry didn’t relish going to sea. With this factor in play, the young 17-year old merely asked his experienced enlistment officer which guys he didn’t care for. (as in, “Were jealous of?”) “Dental Technicians,” the officer replied, “they have it made! They always get to sleep on large beds, get to wear civilian clothes all the time, never have to stand watches during the night, get cars on the base, and seldom have to go to sea!” Need we guess which Navy technical school Jerry informed the officer he wanted to attend? Not only did the future Founder of Dental Ventures of America become a Dental Technician, he also went on to a second school to become a Navy Prosthetic Technician. There he learned that the enlistment officer was indeed correct!
Following his military service, Jerry trained himself to fabricate orthodontic appliances and opened a small lab in Covina, California, to support his university studies for the next eight years. Interesting though, that while he had been in the business world, Jerry never prepared himself for that area of activity; during all of those years of study, he never enrolled in one business course!
One day, Jerry took it upon himself to pay a visit to the largest manufacturer of orthodontic products to pick up an order he had placed with them. While he was there, thought he, why not take it upon himself to share his thoughts about the company’s lack of marketing their “fine products!” After sharing his words of inexperienced wisdom, regarding Unitek’s (now part of 3M) “obvious failures” at marketing, etc.. A week or so later, Unitek called him and offered him a position to improve things! So began the future Founder’s commercial dental career. Though he knew nothing about, had no experience, and no educational background regarding the mission to which he had been invited; namely, “Get Unitek, the largest manufacturers of orthodontic products (at the time) into the dental laboratory business!” So began the commercial experience of my husband!
More “Happenstance!” A scary position; but a great opportunity for growth and success!
But without any preparation, how was he going to succeed? (Check back for more…)

The Results Are In….

Dentistry’s most recognized and respected third-party product evaluation group, has reported in their November 2014 issue of “Clinicians Report” the best products and techniques for polishing acrylic appliances.

Acrylic samples where polished to a final, high value finish comparing seven different acrylic polishing products. The surface roughness of all seven of the samples were then measured utilizing an optical profilometer and scanning electron micro-graphs at 2000X magnification.

According to the survey and scientific data, the photos demonstrated a final surface roughness range between 0.677 µm (the roughest value evaluated as a “Fair Shine”) down to the smoothest value of 0.028 µm (evaluated as an “Excellent Shine”), which was assigned to Dental Ventures of America’s “Acryl-Marvel Cream.”

The study also included DVA’s “Acryl-Marvel solid bar, which was tested without using pumice as a pre- polishing procedure, and its one-step, “polishing only,” results were assigned a final surface value of 0.046 µm and a rating of “Excellent Shine.”  Actually, the summary of the report stated that both “Acryl-Marvel Solid and Acryl-Marvel Cream provided excellent results while eliminating the wet pumice step.”

Both of these excellent, very unique polishing products are available either by calling DVA at 951-260-0606, or its Toll Free Number at 800.228.6696.  Acryl-Marvel in either form may also be ordered  directly from DVA’s website at dentalventures.com.  A 10-gram “Testing Sample” will be included to verify the product’s effectiveness in your laboratory, along with a new polishing buff with each order. Order today, and begin to go from “Grind to Shine” in one, easy step, while also obtaining, a faster, cleaner and, according to the comparative study, an extremely smooth, polished surface. As we all know, the smoother the surface the more resistance to plaque build-up and staining of the denture. We might suggest a visit to the following link, http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/04/05/10988431-dirty-dentures-dangerous-mrsa-may-be-lurking-dentists-say might give rise to an increased consideration for this “denture smoothness” factor.

Special Offer for DVA’s Acryl-Marvel Cream, Order one 80gr jar of Acryl-Marvel for a 50% discount and receive a 10gr trial – a $24.50 value for $12.25.  Use the trial jar, if not satisfied, return the 80 gram jar in resalable condition for a complete refund.  Offer valid thru January 31st, 2015.

Coupon Code: AMFEB15

The Founding of a Dental Company

DentalVentures of america.Ever wonder how dental companies were, or are, founded? Well, my name is Judy and I’ve been associated with Dental Ventures of America, Inc., since its inception, and I thought it might be interesting to know why, when & how it began for “DVA”. Thus, the initiation of this series of short reports, which we hope will prove interesting, maybe not exciting, but interesting, reading.


Dental Ventures of America is a company that was established in 1981 with the thought of the Founder to find, develop and market ‘niche’ products that offered beneficial applications and performance to the dental laboratory industry.  Thus, the development of DVA’s motto, “Products that Perform!”


With a background as a dental technician, marketing executive and the first employee of a large, German multi-national company into the U.S. dental market, the eventual founder of DVA, Jerry Honstein, noticed that many small, useful products suffered from a lack of exposure because they simply did not offer the dollar thrust to the manufacturer as did those provided by large dollar volume product lines.  Made sens

e; but also offered an opportunity. Thus, was the concept for the founding of Dental Ventures of America, Inc., with its introduction of ZAPIT, a product that clearly established the “proof of concept” for the founder’s original vision.


The path from the Founder’s initial dental experience as a United States Navy Dental Technician, to the establishment of a dental company offers some support for the ultimate direction one’s life can be impacted by random experiences. We’ve all experienced the results of such ‘happenstance,’ and the development of DVA’s history was certainly a result of such a chain of events.


I had met the future founder of DVA when he was invited to lecture to my dental assisting class at Citrus College in Glendora, California. My name was Judy Cardellicchio at the time, but it is now Judy Honstein. Aha, now we begin to see how I have been “involved” with Dental Ventures of America from the very beginning.  Please join us as I try to share the path from “random events,” opportunities, experiences, failures, successes and some interesting history of the introduction of many new products that have served to change the face of dental laboratory products and procedures.


I look forward to meeting you all again soon,



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