Description & Application

DVA’s Acrylic & Plaster Separator (APS) is an insulating, or liquid separating product, which is ideal for use by the prosthetic, orthodontic, and crown & bridge laboratory. APS provides the cleanest, easiest separation of dental acrylics from plaster and other gypsums available to our industry. It simply works better than any other acrylic separator available!
APS will also act as a separating agent when applied between two gypsum materials.


Product Benefits

  • Reduces labor when deflasking.
  • Improved accuracy of fit.
  • Reduces finishing time.
  • Reduces polishing time.
  • Smoother surfaces polish faster.
  • Reduces inventory.


Product Features

  • Prevents stone from sticking to the palate and between the teeth which would require additional labor to remove by hand.
  • APS leaves no residual film to take up space.
  • Restorations exhibit smoother and cleaner surfaces.
  • Does not cloud surfaces of clear or translucent resins.
  • One separator for all resin and gypsum applications.


APS Acrylic & Plaster Separator


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