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Baby boomers

The Right Offering at the Right Time

For dentists with labs providing restorations, it’s really the right time to be in business. Some people might not be so convinced but there is one major reason why.

Baby boomers are some of the best educated people in the country when it comes to knowing how to take care of their teeth. So many of them have maintained their teeth all their lives and realize that they may need a little more work done as they age. Statistics reported by the ADA note that despite lower spending across the boards, when it comes to the older Boomers, they are spending more.

One of the reasons for this is that these older patients often need more restorations than younger ones. And that is where you come in.

Don’t neglect this public when you are working on your marketing. I know that so much of today’s promotion is electronic but sometimes printed materials and a purchased mailing list still work wonders. At any list broker’s, you can purchase a list within nearby zip codes, with an age specification. Since this older demographic is so very often in the market for crowns, bridges and other restorations, this is a prime group for you to promote to.

A simple mailing to this list could enable you to zero in on a group that is ready for the kind of service you offer.

Keeping it Real

My suggestion though – feature a photograph of work you have actually done. And say so on the postcard, brochure or whatever it is you mail. Why?

Because if you go to a shop and have them prepare a mailer for you, chances are really good that they are going to pick up a stock (purchased off a website inventory) photo and drop it into your mailer layout. There’s two problems with this that would be improved by using a photo of your own work.

  1. Stock photos usually LOOK like stock photos. Too polished, too perfect.

  2. And sometimes the same stock photo is used for multiple dentists in your town. If you have the same photo in your mailer as the fellow a few blocks away, it could give people a poor impression.

Restoration dentists are normally equipped with good cameras already, so call in an attractive patient, male or female, and take a nice smiling shot. Maybe one of your staff has had restoration work done and will stand for a photo. Just make sure they fit the age bracket of the type of patient you are trying to appeal to.

Then make sure your brochure or postcard clearly states that this image is from your practice, that this image shows your handiwork.

If you also make some kind of appealing offer to get people in the door, you will see more results from your investment. If you are comfortable educating a group, offer to explain the kind of care an older population needs. This age group usually knows that they have dental issues that need to be taken care of.

An offer of a free workshop can give them something they really value – a way to end their mystery about what might lie in store for them as they age. And of course, it puts them in your practice so you can consult with them about what you offer. A good result for both you and your neighbors who come to your workshop.

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