Description & Application

DVA’s “Brilliance” represents a significant breakthrough in polishing capability. “Brilliance” is an extremely effective polishing agent for all Ni-Cr or Cr-Co alloys, hard gold alloys, porcelain and composite restorations.
“Brilliance’s” uniquely designed aggressive, but efficient, polishing components are held together in a specially designed substance to optimize continued contact between the polishing material and the restoration.

Inefficient ‘fly-away’ is minimized; thus resulting in the quick development of a deep, luxurious, high-gloss luster.


Product Benefits

DVA’s “Brilliance”

  • Saves Time
  • Improves Appearance of restorations
  • Extends life of restorations

Brilliance basically saves significant time while improving the final appearance and perceived quality of the restoration. The technician’s artistic skill is enhanced by the final appearance of his work.

If only five minutes per restoration were saved, and a lab polishes only ten units a day, the savings in time would approach one hour a day, almost five hours a week, etc. More restorations, more time saved! More production possible! Higher glossed surfaces improves resistance to plaque accumulation and other discoloration effects – all resulting in longer lasting restorative integrity. “Obtain Brilliance Quickly!”

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