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What Makes Our Waxes Different?

What Makes Our Waxes Different from Other Dental Lab Supplies?

There’s plenty of waxes on the dental lap supply market. Just like we do with all our other products, we try to give you not only the best product on the market, we try to think outside the box when we engineer our products. Our idea of product development is to give you something a little different, a little more advanced (sometimes a LOT more). Not just another version of the same old wax or polishing compound.

This is the way we approached our formula for Dip N’ Cast waxes. We offer you four colors of Dip N’ Cast waxes in two consistencies. You can choose a firm consistency or a flexible consistency. There are two colors of each, allowing you to distinguish margins clearly.

As the name implies, it can be used to coat the surface of a die. Our waxes enable you to count on less shrinkage so that you don’t have to reseal die margins. You can remove the wax pattern and then replace and reseat it without then needing to seal the margins again.

On every job you do with Dip N’ Cast, you will see a consistent thickness to each dip. You’ll know what to expect each time which makes your job faster and you don’t need to make so many adjustments.

Have you Seen our Hotstikz?

We are very proud of our HotStikz product. If you look at other sticky wax products, they’ve got you using burners and open flames to melt the wax for adhesion purposes. We took the model of a glue gun and adapted it to sticky wax. You have greater safety without the open flame and greater precision with our heating element in our gun-like applicator keeping the wax at a consistent temperature. This means you know what the wax is going to do every time. It’s not going to be hotter one time and then less hot (and therefore thicker) the next time like it would be if it was just being melted in a flame.

When other sticky wax is heated, it gets all runny which decreases your control of where it goes and how much of the wax gets applied. Hotstikz will give you a consistent amount of wax in a consistent pattern. Like so many of our products, this is going to save you time. It will cleanly peel away from the work surface, too. These two qualities mean that you are going to save time on the production line. Your dies will be stabler, and then when the wax is removed, they will be cleaner. You can expect this wax to have a short cooling cycle, another time-saving feature.

These are not all the waxes we manufacture for you but these are all I have time for today. Next time, we’ll talk about Wonder Wax and some of the other products we make to use when you’re working with our waxes. 

Wonder Wax – Cervical

DVA’s Cervical Wax is non-rebounding and totally tension free formula offering increased transparency allowing for visual control of the cervical margin. One will find that our Cervical Wax totally eliminates the flooding of a margin to the overheated wax. DVA’s formula is not temperature sensitive as it can be applied accurately at various temperatures. Customers have reported that this unique wax formula offers enhanced mold-ability when forming and bonds incredibly well to other casting waxes; especially DVA’s Wonder Wax Sculpting formula. It is a high-functioning yet economically priced product.  DVA’s Cervical Wax is sold in 70 grams tins and is available in a very popular ‘Red’ color. The increased tin size reduces the number of annual shipments, thus reducing annual shipping costs, etc.Benefits:


  1. Zero temperature sensitivity, which eliminates flooding of wax
  2. Non-rebounding and completely tension free.
  3. Increased transparency allowing for visual control of cervical margin
  4. Enhanced Mold-ability
  5. Bonds exceptionally well to all casting waxes


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Touchdown Disc

Dip N’ Cast Wax

Dip N’ Cast is a wax used for dipping and coating dies. The wax ingots are available in two consistencies and each consistency in two colors. Firm consistency is available in Green and a Yellow color and the Flexible consistency in Green and Orange colors.

Product Application:

Dip N’ Cast is a wax that is melted to a liquid state in a heated dipping pot at a preset temperature. It is used to apply a uniform layer of wax in a given thickness desired by the technician to the surface of a die that is dipped into and quickly removed from the liquid wax. The choice of wax consistency and color is the decision of the technician.

Compared to competitive products, DVA’s Dip N’ Cast is characterized by:

  1. A lack of shrinkage such that generally, the re-sealing of die margins can be eliminated.
  2. The wax pattern can be removed, replaced and reseated without having to seal or reseal the margins.
  3. Demonstrates incredible consistency in dipping thickness and memory retention.

SPECIAL NOTE: Whereas a single, normal dipping thickness would provide a “normal PFM coping” layer of typically four- tenths of a millimeter in thickness, ONLY the very unique formula of DVA’s Dip N’ Cast allows the Double Dipping to quickly and uniformly obtain the recommended eight-tenths of a millimeter desired for the fabrication of Press-Ceramic Copings. “Double Dipping” without changing dip-pot temperatures or problems with wax layering! A BIG BENEFIT!

Product Benefits

  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves cleanliness and fit of castings
  • Eliminates necessity to seal margins
  • Insures ceramic compatibility
  • Allows ‘Double-Dipping’ for Unique Formula Cast Ceramic Copings

Product Features

  • Consistent dipping thickness
  • Eliminates necessity to seal margins
  • Trims extremely sharp and clean
  • Lack of internal shrinkage lines
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • High-quality, ash-free formula

Dip N Cast Wax Demo

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