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Decreasing Lab Time by a Ratio of Ten to One? Yes, it Can Happen

When you’re delivering a flexible partial, the finishing procedure calls for it to be pumiced and then polished before the patient sees it. The usual procedure used for these steps can take a lot of lab time.

Just for fun, I looked around for someone who was describing his method of getting through these final steps. It made my head ache just to see all the work he was going to when if he just had known, that final polish step could have been so much faster if he had used our Acryl-Marvel.

I’m paraphrasing his description for polishing a flexible partial made of Valplast.

First, you polish with pumice, getting rid of all the scratches and then rinse.

Then use a new brush wheel with a buffing agent. Start buffing but keep the Valplast wet by dunking it in water over and over as you polish.

Keep the partial moving. In a minute or two, the flange you are polishing will be shiny and then you can start polishing the next flange.

Video Evidence Proves How Fast this Step Should be

I’ve got one of my very popular demonstration videos uploaded to YouTube that shows how this exact procedure can be shortened down to one minute for the whole partial. Not just one segment but the whole thing. All remaining scratches gone and a high shine delivered, ready to go to your patient. And no more dunking after the initial step of cleaning off the pumice.

Doesn’t that sound easier? Instead of ten or more minutes, you’ve got one minute in the lab devoted to this step.

Bringing a high shine to a partial used to take a long time but it doesn’t have to any more. You should see this video if you’re taking more than a minute on this step.

Here’s the link to the video showing a one-minute polish step, using Acryl-Marvel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87ziXodCX6I&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL019642CE888B2175

What Else Do You Want to See on Video?

If there are any product demonstrations you want to see, let me know. Or if you see a need for a product to save lab time, or if you want to know more about a product – contact me for any of these reasons.

We are pretty unique in the field of dental laboratory supplies and products. People get so used to doing things just one particular way that sometimes when they see a dental lab supply that is new and better, it might not sink in right away.

We continue innovating so we can save you time. With all the changes in labs in the last few years, with so many dentists and labs alike adding Sirona Systems, it’s one of those times that you have to innovate just to keep up. Let us know of any innovations that you think might be needed. I’d love to hear from you. Email me at matts@dentalventures.com.


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