Description & Application

DVA Die Spacer is a colored, paint-on material applied to dies that adds a desired dimension to the surface of the die to function as a “spacer.” The extra thickness created by the Die Spacer results in additional space between the finished restoration and the natural tooth surface to accommodate the cement used for bonding the restoration.

The Die Spacer would be applied to the die following the application of DVA Die Spacer Conditioner and prior to the application of DVA Very Special Separator. Note that generally, the die spacer layer is not applied to the preparation’s marginal areas.

DVA Die Spacer is available in four colors and two application thicknesses to accommodate each technician’s requirements. While Blue and Red apply a 12 micron layer per application coat, the Gold and Silver colors result in a 6 micron coat per application. Naturally, multiple applications may be applied to achieve the desired surface thickness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The need to have a die spacer that did not flake off the die became more of an issue with the introduction of “pressed ceramics.” While loose spacer particles burned out for metal castings, they would be undesirably incorporated into a pressed ceramic coping resulting in an esthetic blemish. Such blemishes would effect the final restoration unless ground away prior to the layering of dentinal powders. Dies exhibiting bare spots of missing or chipped die spacer also fail to produce a clean model for final case presentation to the dentist client.

Product Benefits

  • Resists Chipping and flaking from the die
  • Increases Abrasion Resistance
  • Provides Controlled Application
  • Reduces Application Time
  • Reduces Waste while sustaining quality and performance

Product Features

  • Only DVA Spacer chemically bonds to the “Conditioned” sealed surface of the die
  • DVA Spacer dries to a hard, durable surface
  • Spacer has excellent flow qualities producing a smooth, lump free surface
  • Spacer dries quickly permitting additional applications to be completed sooner
  • DVA Spacers are supplied in one-half ounce bottles to extend freshness, reduce evaporation and contamination


Product Demo

Die Spacer Demo



Tech Tips & Product Maintenance


  1. The ideal appearance of a finished stone surface should have a dull “egg shell” look. A high gloss surface is not desirable, as it will weaken the bond of the Die Spacer to the die. Immediately wipe off excess Conditioner with a tissue to prevent an excessive buildup on the surface. Properly applied, Conditioner will strengthen margins and reduce abrasion to contact areas and opposing occlusal surfaces.
  2. Shaking the bottle and observing a frothing or bubbling occurring on the surface can easily determine the proper consistency of Conditioner. Thinner should be added to Conditioner as required to preserve this level of consistency.
  3. With regular use, the die spacing material normally “thickens,” causing the material to be somewhat more difficult to apply in smooth, even layers. The packaging into two, smaller, half ounce bottles by DVA, reduces the amount of “free air” in the bottle, thus reducing the rate of evaporation of the carrier and the thickening of the spacer material; the working life of the product is thereby extended!
  4. A one-half ounce bottle of Thinner is supplied with each order of Die Spacer. The Thinner is mixed into the thickened spacer until the desired viscosity is achieved. As an additional note, the Conditioner Thinner is chemically identical to the primary Spacer material, and can be substituted for use with the Die Spacer.


SDS Die Spacer Gold

SDS Die Spacer Silver

SDS Die Spacer Red & Blue

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