Description & Application

DVA’s ACRYL-MARVEL is a solid, 500-gram bar-like material that simultaneously removes finishing and shaping scratches while inducing a high lustrous polish on acrylic dental appliances such as dentures, partial dentures, acrylic crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances.

In addition, it is extremely effective in polishing composite materials, which solves an important problem with regard to applying a high shine upon the new gingival characterizing resins like GC’s Gradia Gum®, etc

As well as being supplied in a bar-like form, ACRYL- MARVEL is also provided in small, nodule shapes for use in individual repair cases to help eliminate cross-contamination.

ACRYL-MARVEL is also available in a repair bit kit. These small Bits eliminate the need for a special batch of pumice to complete repairs and adjustments in the laboratory. They are specially designed for use on a per case basis. Once the denture is repaired and polished, the remainder of the Bit is then discarded, thus eliminating cross-contamination at the source. ACRYL-MARVEL has revolutionized the finishing of dentures by simultaneously removing scratches and high shining.

Use of this one-step application, TOTALLY ELIMINATES the need to use pumice (and the pumicing step). It eradicates the need to stop the motor and change brushes; wash the appliance clean of pumice or other powdery pumice-like material; restart the motor; apply a separate hi-shine material and added high shine time.

It finishes and polishes simultaneously! In so doing, it also eliminates any need to return to the pumice procedure should there be some scratches present during the final polishing step.

Background Information

The traditional technique for finishing and polishing acrylic removable appliances is to utilize pumice (a sand-like substance) mixed with water to form a mud-like material which is scooped by hand and placed at random on and around the appliance. Once applied, the appliance is then positioned against a rotating, rather large wheel mounted on a lathe to gradually eliminate shaping and finishing scratches and marks. This procedure is repeated numerous times until the surface of the acrylic appliance is rendered smooth. The operation is rather a ‘wet mess.’ Furthermore, the resultant wet mass of ‘sand’ contained in a holding pan, was often re-used from one appliance to another – including dentures that might have been repaired after having been worn in patients’ mouths for some time. Cross-contamination was a constant possibility.

Recent steps have been taken to eradicate or lessen this possibility with the use of pumice substitutes; however, products of this type still offer the messiness of being mixed with water, the light-powdery nature of the particles, and other possible health issues.

In the end, they still require a separate operational step – the extra step of removing scratches in preparation of polishing the appliance to a high luster. In addition, during the ‘messy-bit’ the appliance must be washed free of sandy debris; the lathe must be stopped; the wheel changed and another high-shine material must be applied to pre-polish the denture, and then another to apply a final high-shine.

DVA’s ACRYL-MARVEL reduces everything down to one step, it smoothes and polishes simultaneously!

Because ACRYL-MARVEL is so clean to work with in a totally dry environment, one can actually smooth and polish their denture right at their sit-down work station.

Doing so, allows the technician to use small wheels or brushes to finalize the polishing around their special anatomical shapes that may have been finished into the denture.

DVA’s ACRYL-MARVEL is truly a break-through product, it’s a revelation!

Product Benefits & Features

  • Eliminates Pumicing Procedure – Both removes scratches & polishes simultaneously
  • Significantly Increases Production – Polishes while removing scratches – one operation
  • Reduce Finishing & Polishing Time – One, single operation
  • Eliminate Necessity to “Repeat” Pumicing Procedures – Removes any ‘latent’ scratches while polishing
  • Simplifies Repair Procedures – Single-use nodules available for individual patients
  • Simplifies Protection Against Cross Contamination – Individual nodules available for use with each patient
  • Maintains Individual Characterization – Can be smoothed and polished with small wheels
  • Easily Polishes Composite Characterization Resins – Very effective at polishing composite resins
  • Eliminates Waiting Lines at Polishing Stations – All finishing & polishing is done at normal working area
  • Allows All Finishing & Polishing at Normal Sit-Down Work Station – Working in a totally dry environment
  • Allows Finishing & Polishing Around Teeth with Small Wheels or Brushes – All finishing can be done at normal work bench
  • Increases Esthetic Value of Final Prosthesis – All finishing & polishing can be done with small wheels
  • Eliminates Burning of Acrylic – Special chemistry that is very ‘acrylic friendly’
  • Provides a High Lustrous Shine While Removing Scratches – Special chemistry that allows gradual, fast progression
  • Allows Working in a Totally Dry, Clean Environment – Offered in a large ‘soap-bar’ presentation
  • Simply Drowns You in Benefits – It’s simply the nature of the beast!

For a short, simple-to-understand picture presentation, go to ‘Product Demos’ and view ACRYL-MARVEL in action.

To hear the comments of some of DVA’s early users of this exciting product, go to the podcasts page and click on ACRYL-MARVEL.

The ACRYL-MARVEL “REPAIR-BIT KIT” offers small nuggets of this material for use with individual patient repair cases. One “bit” is to be used for each patient, with any unused portion to be discarded.

Acryl-Marvel Instructions for Use

Please read instructions carefully before use.


ACRYL-MARVEL is provided in both a 500 gram Lab Bar and small repair ‘bits’ (designed to be used for individual repair cases); the instructions for use with both are essentially the same. NOTE: When using the ‘Repair Bits’, CAREFUL ATTENTION must be given to hold on to the small ‘Bits’ TIGHTLY when applying material to the polishing brushes or wheels. Make certain the wheel or brush is pointed in a safe direction – away from any other working colleague or other individuals.

It is highly recommended that a clean, rag-wheel be used during the pre-and final polishing procedure to remove scratches and polish the broad areas of the denture. Apply (and re-apply) ACRYL-MARVEL as needed and apply pressure to the working areas to remove scratches. Progressively lighten the pressure until the desired degree of high gloss is obtained.

To eliminate the need for pumicing, shape and finish the denture with a carbide bur, then an Arbor Band. If a carbide bur was used for final acrylic reduction and shaping, the broad, smooth areas of the denture should be ‘finalized’ with an Arbor Band or a silicone point.

Finalizing all shaping with an Arbor Band will allow the transformation of any scratches to a high luster with only one operation in a matter of seconds. *These images were produced by D2thMKR.

A small brush or wheel with ACRYL-MARVEL applied may be used to finish and shine in and around the individualized, custom anatomy. Apply ACRYL-MARVEL and polish until high shined.

One of the benefits of ACRYL-MARVEL is the opportunity it offers to work entirely in a dry environment at the normal sit-down working area.

Continue to apply ACRYL-MARVEL with progressively light pressure until the denture attains high lustrous shine.



Acryl-Marvel Demo

Acryl-Marvel Adjustment Kit

Polishing Flexible Partials


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