Description & Application

The DVA Hotstikz System introduced by DVA in 1986, for the stabilizing of occluded models during articulation, totally revolutionized this previously complicated procedure. “Goodbye to broken sticks and sticky wax!” The HotStikz System consists of a ‘gun-like applicator’ and a special thermoplastic wax-like product that is ideal for temporarily holding parts together (i.e., models, denture parts, etc.) during laboratory procedures. The applicator is designed to soften and maintain the special thermoplastic wax at an optimum, ‘ready-to-apply’ temperature. Application is accomplished by merely pressing the trigger!

The special Hotstikz Wax is characterized by its ability to easily and cleanly peel away in one, solid mass from the work surfaces upon cooling. This is especially helpful with regard to porous surfaces, like die stones and plaster.

Simply stated: “Hotstikz is a replacement for sticky wax in the laboratory!”

Hotstikz non-runny formulation provides precise application and control. The firm, semi-rigid consistency is ideal for fabricating matrices and insures the set bite registration will not move during articulation mounting procedures.

Product Benefits

  • Improves model presentation & accuracy.
  • Simplifies all model making procedures.
  • Saves significant production time with reduced fabrication steps.
  • Eliminates grinding, dust & noise.
  • Improves die stability & cross-arch accuracy.
  • Improves professional appearance and reduces shipping costs.
  • Reduces refractory model costs.
  • Simplifies refractory model production.

Product Features

  • Simplifies articulation and acrylic lab procedures
  • Separates from plaster, stone and acrylic cleanly and without damaging the work surface.
  • Ready to use at all times.
  • Special formula is ideal for application control; especially compared to industrial glue-gun products.
  • Short cooling cycle.


HotStikz Demo



Tech Tips & Product Maintenance

  1. MATRIX FABRICATION: When fabricating a labial matrix, apply Hotstikz evenly across the surface of the teeth in layers. As one layer begins to cool apply an additional layer(s) until a desired thickness and firmness is achieved. Allow the model to cool, use of an air gun with low pressure or applying cool water will hasten the cooling process and facilitate the removal of the matrix.
  2. HOTSTIKZ is excellent for protecting margins during blasting and cleaning procedures, and for use in protecting sensitive areas from during etching procedures.
  3. Use With Laminates: Hotstikz is very helpful in use with laminates as one can easily fabricate a small handle to ease placement in the mouth by the dentist. Position the nozzle of the Hotstikz Gun almost directly in the center of the laminate. Gently squeeze the trigger applying a small amount of material to the surface. Pull back on the gun just slightly creating a “tale” extending from the surface. Hold this position as the “tail” cools and remove the gun. The resulting extension (tail) of the Hotstikz material provides a convenient handle that is easily removable after placement.


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