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Improvement of Products and Eliminating Steps from Procedures – in Yet Another Area

The products involved in this simpler method are Dental Ventures Zap-Form and Acryl-Marvel at the polishing and finishing step. These products enable you to take the many of the individual steps out of your process. Now you can complete the addition of the teeth and saddle portions to a cast partial framework without every leaving one single, seated workstation.

The conventional procedure calls for you to wax, flask, boil out and cool the partial denture, with the attendant danger of warping or otherwise damaging the newly processed case.

Use the Zap-Form Putty Instead of Wax

Now all you need to do is use our Zap-Form putty (which is reusable, reducing your costs) and place it into the edentulous area. You will now not need to flow wax into this area, step by step. Then you place the teeth into their proper positions and use a modeling instrument to mold the partial into its final shape.

You have now completed waxing (although no wax was really used) and you didn’t have to move anywhere. You don’t have to boil out the wax. You don’t have to wait for the partial denture to cool. You can add the hot-melt compound right on top of the putty. In fact, when you invest in the Zap-Form putty, you get the whole system, all in one package. When you buy that whole system, we throw in a DVD that shows you how to put these products to use, just like we are describing here.

You can now remove the putty which comes out clean and requires no heat. Then prepare our color-stable pour acrylic into the mold. Curing it just takes 20 minutes in warm water and a little pressure. The resulting framework can now be easily removed from the cast. It will come out clean, which means less work for you. You won’t have to remove bits of the plaster cast from the partial denture.

We Make Polishing Simpler, Too

The next step, polishing, is another one that we can help you with. Instead of pumicing and then polishing, going back and forth from a wet station to a dry one, you can do the entire smoothing and polishing to a high shine in one step, no shifting, no moving. All you need is Acryl-Marvel which quickly takes that partial from rough to finished, one product, one station, no moving.

Every time you eliminate a move, you shorten the time to a finished product and of course, that saves money. It means more cases through the lab with less personnel time consumed.

But if you are interested in this system, then you really should look at our whole line of products because pretty much everything we make is like this. Just call us and let’s talk about your procedures. I think you might be pretty surprised at how much we can streamline your operations and increase your profits.

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