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Mini-Bristle Brushes & Mini Cotton Buffs

Description & Application

The DVA Mini Bristle Brushes and Mini Cotton Buffs are two extremely unique polishing instruments which are ideal for the intra-oral polishing of ceramic or composite restorations. This unique family of useful rotating instruments includes Mini Bristle Brushes and Mini Cotton Buffs. Both are 7/16” (1 cm.) in diameter with a latch type contra-angle shank. The total diameter of each wheel is approximately half the diameter of a dime!

The Mini Bristle Brush is designed for polishing all types of ceramic restorations and the Mini Cotton Buff is designed for polishing all types of composite restorations. However, with the appropriate polishing medium, both wheels provide an outstanding finish to most dental materials; such as metal, acrylic resins, acetal resin, lithium disilicate, lucite-based ceramic and thermoplastic materials. DVA’s Mini Brushes and Buffs are available in either packages of 100 pieces or a combination package containing 50 Mini Bristle Brushes and 50 Mini Cotton Buffs.

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