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Outsource to China

In-House Labs Eliminate Possibility of Covert Outsourcing to China

I don’t know if you have come across this news yet, but some dentists who use dental labs are discovering that the products they ordered were being sent to China for manufacture. The dentists were never notified that their orders were being outsourced out of the country. Manufacturing standards are different in China. If a lab doesn’t provide notification, then you may not know what you are getting.

I’m sure there are some labs in China that do fine work but the point is that your quality control weakens when you are not in the loop. You don’t know if the lab who is selling you the product you need is working with a carefully controlled Chinese business or one with a sweatshop mentality.

I was reading one report that noted two specific problems with Chinese lab products. One was a crown that was contaminated with lead and the other was an implant that was contaminated with fecal matter. One dental tech complained that when his lab began outsourcing to China, they lost 50% of their customers due to the number of remakes needed.

Another report stated that Chinese manufacture may use the material you would expect, like Vita, on the outside of a restoration and a cheaper material for the core. This saves them money but it’s not what you intend to buy for obvious reasons.

Looking at the comments flying back and forth online, I would say that international outsourcing is a highly emotional subject. Some people claim it’s great and some say the quality degrades harm patients.

The good news is that when you have your own in-house lab, the products are fully under your control. You know exactly what your patients are getting. No one is sending out your work and getting back a crown that cost them $13 from a Chinese manufacturer. You’re never told.

I am proud that we contribute to your being able to control your quality by giving you dental lab supplies that enhance your lab speed and quality control. When our dental lab products streamline your procedures, reducing the number of steps to product a restoration, for example, the more viable you are.

You’re also free from quality or contamination concerns because you know exactly what materials are being used. I know that in-house labs are considerable investments and that it takes some work for you and your staff to keep up with changes in this industry. But the fact is, you know what you’re getting and know what you’re giving your patients. They love what they see – which is getting the job done in one visit. And if they knew more about the quality control you offer, they would love that too.

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