Perfect Pour Starter Kit


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Perfect Pour’s specialty formula is the ultimate in color-stability and ranks extremely high in all pertinent measures. Customers have reported that Perfect Pour offers outstanding flexural strength, lack of porosity and increased polish-ability.

Perfect Pour is available in four life-like shades plus a clear for those laboratories fabricating bite-plates and night-guards. Clear is also great for labeling any type of acrylic appliance. All colored shades can be mixed to create custom shades as needed. Perfect Pour is currently offered at the most economic prices.

Includes one-kilo (2.2lb) of powder and 500ml of liquid.


  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Flipper
  • Night Guards and Bite Plates
  • Appliance Labeling


  • Reduced Curing Time
  • Exceptional Color Stability
  • Increased Pouring Time
  • Molecular Structure Eliminates Porosity and Minimizes
  • Shrinkage


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