Description & Application

DVA Fibers are configured as a 25-foot long bundle of “high molecular weight” polyethylene fiber strands.
The fibers, when layered into and then bonded with a resin material, significantly increases the tensile strength of the processed resin appliance or restoration. Hence, the restoration’s resistance to failure under stressed is enhanced. Typical resin-based restorations that can benefit from the inclusion of DVA Fibers are, dentures, partials, orthodontic appliances, temporary crowns and bridges and other appliances fabricated with resin or composite materials. Appliances or restorations that have failed or broken can be repaired using the DVA Fibers to increase their strength and prevent future failures.

DVA Fibers can be cut and shaped to accommodate the physical requirements of any appliance or restoration.

Product Benefits

  • The material’s chemistry, color, thin presentation and flexibility provides:
  • Improved adaptability of strengthening parts
  • Improved esthetics
  • Increases strength of resin appliances
  • Increases patient safety (as it holds broken appliance parts together)
  • Prolongs life of temporary restorations (increased tensile strength)
  • Increases dollar volume (“Reinforced restoration” can demand additional fees)
  • Increases strength of thin areas

Reinforcement Fibers

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