Rethinking Dental Lab Products – Our Specialty

September 23, 2013

We have not achieved the success we’ve had by thinking like everyone else. We got successful offering products that are configured differently, that work differently than the other products on the market. You might say our specialty is making it possible to eliminate steps in the manufacture of your removable appliances. Many of our products have this characteristic. It just means that we didn’t accept the usual procedures in the lab but kept working with the materials available on the market to come up with something simpler and better.

But we realize that this means you have to learn new procedures. That’s why we have posted so many YouTube videos and will be posting more. We know your lab procedures are going to have to change.

Like the video for Acryl-Marvel. When you switch from your usual pumice to Acryl-Marvel, you have to get your staff accustomed to the one-step polishing process rather than the three-step pumice process. They no longer have to pumice the denture, then pre-polish and then do the last high-shine step.

This conversion becomes a lot easier if you just have them watch the video on YouTube in which the process is being done:

Critical Changes in the Polishing Steps

Your staff are going to have to forget a lot of what they already know to work with Acryl-Marvel. You just can’t use these products in exactly the same way as your old products. For example, many labs soften up the rag wheel by cutting the stitching. You don’t need to do this with Acryl-Marvel. A firm wheel is needed to be effective.

Your staff will need to get used to working one single area, or quadrant, of a removable appliance at a time, going all the way from polishing out scratches to completing the shining step, without adding more Acryl-Marvel to the wheel or moving to a new area. They’ll have to resist the impulse to move all over the appliance before that one area has been polished to a high shine.

Speeding Up the Production Line

In many in-house labs, the polishing step of the manufacture process is where things can get slowed down. You can’t deliver appliances to your patients unless you can get any scratches buffed out and the surface brought to a high shine. When three steps turn into one, and you don’t need to continually add pumice to the wheel throughout the polishing process, this area of manufacturing can move quite a bit faster.

It’s a very different product. If you have not tried it yet, you are losing time that could be spent sending more appliances through the lab. If you are using it, make sure your staff are using it correctly by having them study our online videos. It’s worth the short time required (this one is less than ten minutes) so that you get the best result from your investment. 

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