Description & Application

The DVA Rocket System is a unique, patented, syringe delivery system for cyanoacrylate based (CA) adhesive materials. The system provides precise control for the application of adhesives with a patented “Twister” mechanism.

As an alternative to the squeeze bottle, the pink Zapit Base material is packaged in the Rocket Syringe System (Rocket Heavy Red). Additionally, yellow and clear materials having the same viscosity as Zapit Base are also available in the Rocket System. A lower viscosity material, “Rocket Light Clear” is also available for more general purpose use.

Rocket shares all the same applications as does Zapit for dentistry. With the addition of the Heavy Clear and the Light Clear materials, Rocket applications have expanded to include many other industries where precision control and application of CA-based adhesives are desired.

Model builders, hobbyists, jewelry, hearing aid, electronics and other industries have come to appreciate the precision control provided by the Rocket Delivery System when dispensing CA-based materials.

Product Benefits

The patented rotating delivery control and Teflon tips eliminate four major issues that plague the traditional bottled CA materials:

  • Expands usable life of cyanoacrylate materials.
  • Eliminates trouble-some clogging of applicator tips.
  • Increases application control to working areas.
  • Reduces danger of spilling and/or squirting of CA materials.
  • Eliminates waste.
  • Reduces per application costs.


Rocket System Demo




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