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Saving Steps in Seating and Adjusting Restorations – and Preserving Patient Comfort

When you are checking a restoration for fit, there’s plenty of products out there you can use. In line with our philosophy of saving you time and steps, we offer Waxie-Paste for this purpose. How is it different from similar dental lab products?

It’s different enough that one of our customers called a Dental Ventures employee on a Sunday night and said, “You just saved my life.”

Wow, that’s pretty profound praise! Waxie-Paste provides a very accurate representation of any problem contacts between restorations and the models – or your patients’ mouths. The better the fit, the smaller the chance that you will get the patient back in your office, complaining about the fit (or if you’re a lab, getting the restorations back for adjustment).

Easier and Cleaner in Use

I was looking at a video from a Florida dentist on how he checks the seating of a restoration. This fellow was taking the model away and spray-painting it to check for these problem areas. With Waxie-Paste, you don’t have to move the model away to spray paint it. It is a clean paste that you apply with a fairly stiff, small brush. No overspray and less motion mean saved time, less cleanup and a cleaner lab atmosphere.

Fewer Moving Pieces (So to Speak)

Some dentists do their fit adjustments is with articulating paper or ribbon. You have to hold these papers in place while testing the contact of the restoration, which can be tricky. You practically need a third hand to control all these moving pieces. It’s not that you can’t do it – it’s just that Waxie-Paste makes it so much easier.

Waxie-Paste works as well when testing interferences between a crown and the adjacent interproximal wall of the adjacent tooth, or checking for occlusal interferences.

Once you are finished with the fit adjustment, you can simply and easily wash the remaining Waxie-Paste away. It’s water soluble.

Here’s the link to our product demo page so you can see the steps of using Waxie-Paste and see for yourself how much easier it makes your job. https://www.dentalventures.com/waxie-paste/#demo

With our Products, We Aim to Solve Your Problems

That’s really our philosophy. We deconstruct your procedures to see where ingenuity in developing new dental lab supplies can save steps. It’s like taking out a big, blank sheet of paper each time. We don’t just make a slightly better version of the dental lab products that you need. We rethink each one and then research the materials that are available to make that procedure less time consuming.

Our First Dental Show!

By the time you read this, we will have attended our first dental show! We’ll be at CDA Presents in San Francisco from the 15th to the 17th of August, Booth #2239. We expect to learn a lot, in addition to meeting hundreds, maybe even thousands of new people in this industry. We’re excited about this, and expect to be doing more of this in the future.

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