Description & Application

DVA’s Super-Mix is an oil-free, water-based liquid used to simplify and improve the manipulation consistency, while increasing the firing density and vitality, of porcelain restorations. It is considered a “universal” porcelain build-up liquid that imparts a special stacking ‘control factor,’ while also eliminating the need to continually ‘add moisture’ during build-up procedures.

Among other benefits, when used as the wetting agent with characterizing stains, Super Mix greatly improves the stability of placement and control. Stains will not ‘bleed’ upon application.

In addition to simplifying the build-up properties of porcelain, the use of Super Mix during porcelain stacking procedures, greatly enhances the . . .

  • Density
  • Brilliance, and
  • Vitality . . . of the final restoration.

How can this be? The special, non-glycerin chemical formula of DVA’s Super Mix provides a unique ionic attraction between the porcelain powder particles causing an automatic condensation of and resultant increase in density of the mass. Hence, an elimination of the need to physically condense prior to firing and a final enhancement of vitality.

Product Benefits

  • Reduces stacking time increases porcelain density, brilliance and vitality
  • Improves build-up control
  • Reduces firing shrinkage
  • Expands usage possibilities
  • Including most low-fusing
  • Improves control of porcelain


Product Features

  • Automatic attraction of powder particles
  • May be used with all wetting trays and porcelains, including low-fusing formulas
  • Oil-free formulation
  • The chemistry of the liquid creates an ionic charge that condenses the grains of the porcontrollable mass


Supermix Demo


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