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The Problems with Sticky Wax

I’m looking at a website of a seller of sticky wax. This person instructs you to melt the wax with a gas flame. Another website selling this wax says to melt the wax with a flame to apply it and then melt it again with a flame to remove it.

That seems like a lot of open flame in the lab. Sure enough, there are plenty of small torches sold for use in dental labs.

Isn’t there a better way?

Get a Steamer?

Here’s a company that sells a miniature steamer. In addition to cleaning various small items in the lab, they recommend using it to remove the residue of sticky wax without having to use chemicals.

Well, you know how I would react to the need to have open flames in the lab or the need to clean everything in a steamer to remove residue.

I’d come up with a simpler, better idea. And that’s just what I did.

New Formula for the Wax, Completely New Applicator Idea

Now, completing the same tasks that used to require sticky wax can be done with my HotStikz Wax. It does not require open flame to apply it or chemicals to remove residue. It is easy to use and clean to remove.

It comes in a tidy little gun, with all the wax fully enclosed so you don’t have to deal with broken pieces. The gun will heat the wax to a perfect temperature for application. You don’t have to guess when it’s ready by holding it to a torch. It’s ready when you need it. Just depress the trigger and apply exactly how much wax you need, to the exact right location. Let go of the trigger and no more wax flows. It adds precision and eliminates mess.

Helps with Laminates, Too

It you’re working with laminates, there’s a way to use HotStikz Wax to facilitate placement. Just draw a small line on the outside of the laminate, drawing the gun tip away slightly to create a little “tail” that extends from the line of wax. Let this cool, then use this tail of wax as a handle to make placement of the laminate easy and precise. Then when the laminate is secured, just peel the little handle right off. It will come off clean. No residue will need to be cleaned, no solvents will need to be used on the placed laminate.

Some people also like to use HotStikz to protect margins while they are blasting or cleaning, or to protect sensitive areas while they are etching.

This is one of those products that pretty much sells itself when people see it for the first time. The precision of the gun, the elimination of mess, open flame and solvents is what sells people. If you haven’t tried it yet, I hope you watch our demo video available online at https://www.dentalventures.com/hotstikz/.

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