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The Results Are In….

Dentistry’s most recognized and respected third-party product evaluation group, has reported in their November 2014 issue of “Clinicians Report” the best products and techniques for polishing acrylic appliances.

Acrylic samples where polished to a final, high value finish comparing seven different acrylic polishing products. The surface roughness of all seven of the samples were then measured utilizing an optical profilometer and scanning electron micro-graphs at 2000X magnification.

According to the survey and scientific data, the photos demonstrated a final surface roughness range between 0.677 µm (the roughest value evaluated as a “Fair Shine”) down to the smoothest value of 0.028 µm (evaluated as an “Excellent Shine”), which was assigned to Dental Ventures of America’s “Acryl-Marvel Cream.”

The study also included DVA’s “Acryl-Marvel solid bar, which was tested without using pumice as a pre- polishing procedure, and its one-step, “polishing only,” results were assigned a final surface value of 0.046 µm and a rating of “Excellent Shine.”  Actually, the summary of the report stated that both “Acryl-Marvel Solid and Acryl-Marvel Cream provided excellent results while eliminating the wet pumice step.”

Both of these excellent, very unique polishing products are available either by calling DVA at 951-260-0606, or its Toll Free Number at 800.228.6696.  Acryl-Marvel in either form may also be ordered  directly from DVA’s website at dentalventures.com.  A 10-gram “Testing Sample” will be included to verify the product’s effectiveness in your laboratory, along with a new polishing buff with each order. Order today, and begin to go from “Grind to Shine” in one, easy step, while also obtaining, a faster, cleaner and, according to the comparative study, an extremely smooth, polished surface. As we all know, the smoother the surface the more resistance to plaque build-up and staining of the denture. We might suggest a visit to the following link, http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/04/05/10988431-dirty-dentures-dangerous-mrsa-may-be-lurking-dentists-say might give rise to an increased consideration for this “denture smoothness” factor.

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