TranSil – Transparent Matrix Material

September 22, 2011

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“TranSil” is a quick-setting, two-part, transparent silicone (vinylpolysiloxane with high final hardness) material designed to be automatically mixed and expressed from a dispensing instrument normally used for impression materials.

Its unique clear character offers opportunities to simplify many clinical and laboratory procedures.

As one studies the images below, visualize the variety of procedures that would be facilitated by the use of “TranSil.”

For example, think of the benefits of “TranSil’s” translucency in fabricating perfect temporaries directly, or on a model with the elimination of several steps that are now required.

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Product Benefits

Molding one, quick matrix on the bucco-labial and occlusal surfaces (with only a slight amount on the lingual) can serve to:

  • Quickly and efficiently fabricate a temporary (any composite can be easily cured directly through “TranSil”). “TranSil’s” clear character can ensure that any acrylic is ‘packed thoroughly’ and is completely filling the mold prior to curing. Note: Curing composites in an anaerobic atmosphere eliminates the dispersion layer and results in a denser, smoother surface that is easier to polish.
  • Provide an extremely accurate bite-registration. Improper bite relationships can be readily seen and realigned. The original bite registration, because of its clear nature, can subsequently be utilized in the laboratory for simplifying many procedures. (Figure 1)
  • Quickly replicate any original crown form into either wax, acrylic, composite, porcelain or other modeling material. The original tooth on the left was totally duplicated in four minutes. (Figure 2)
  • Any tooth or other dentition segment can be replicated in minutes. (Figure 3 and 3A)
  • Provide an opportunity to reproduce and transfer the original shape and occlusal anatomy of a patient’s teeth into either wax, composite or porcelain. Note how such a form can be utilized to view exactly how much space is provided for the final restoration. (Figure 4)
  • Simplify your staff’s daily challenges.

Product Information
We offer some of the following snapshots and minimal instructions as a stimulus to build a springboard of ideas as to how “TranSil” can serve to simplify your day.

FABRICATION OF TEMPORARY RESTORATIONS – The utilization of TranSil greatly simplifies the fabrication of Bite Registrations as well as Temporary Restorations.

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