Description & Application

DVA’s amazing WAXIE-PASTE consists of a soft, ‘waxie-like’ material, packaged in a 4-gram jar, that can be applied to critical areas such that it leaves a positive mark against any opposing surface with which it may be caused to contact.While rather soft by nature, WAXIE-PASTE’s unique consistency and fine-powdered particles allow a brush application of an extremely thin layer of material to provide the most precise marking of interferences possible.
Packed in a four-gram jar, the soft, paste-like wax material is easily and prudently brushed onto the desired working surface in as thin (or thick) a layer as desired. After the work is completed, WAXIE-PASTE can be easily and totally removed from the crown or model, etc. It is water soluble!

Product Applications

DVA’s WAXIE-PASTE is the absolute answer for the finishing to elimination of problems associated with occlusal adjustments, interproximal contacts, seating interference and re-seating of partials onto models for repairs, additions, etc.
WAXIE-PASTE is simply applied cleanly to any desired surface using a clean, rather firm brush. It can be accurately applied to any surface, including interproximal and occlusal surfaces, as well as to the inner surfaces of crowns. The resultant marking transfer indicates ‘problem areas’ that are easily readable. When finished, simply wash the remaining marks and material away! It’s that simple. NOTE: If the material is “wiped away,” merely re-apply to working area.

The unique consistency, manipulation characteristics, and hands-free use allows WAXIE-PASTE to serve as an extremely versatile ‘problem-solving’ solution for many seating and fitting adjustment challenges faced by the dental technician every day. DVA’s WAXIE-PASTE offers incredible versatility solutions that are ‘amazingly simple.’

Product Background & Competition

There exist many situations wherein one needs to determine the exact location of interferences when seating dental restorations. Typical of those would be:
1. Interferences between the preparation and the internal walls of a casting. Such interferences may be caused by an undercut or simply a tight casting.

2. Interferences between the crown and the adjacent interproximal wall of the adjacent tooth (or restoration).

3. The casting of a portion of a crown or partial framework into an undercut area.

4. Occlusal interferences (or ‘high spots) as a result of improper anatomical design or improperly mounting of articulated casts.

5. The difficulties inherent in trying to fit two hard-surfaced materials together , i.e., trying to fit an existing partial framework onto a model to facilitate a change in or an addition to the patient’s mouth.

The solution to all of these problems is generally to remove a small, minute portion of either the restoration or the adjacent tooth or tissue portion of the stone model. Basically, the casting has to be made to fit with as minimal removal or alteration of the original shape and dimensions as possible.

Existing products designed to accomplish these tasks have generally been in the form of articulating paper or ribbon; spray indicators or paint-on liquids.

Each of these product forms offers some type or group of problems – each limiting their absolute success. For example, articulating paper has the disadvantage of having to be held into position during use, while sprays are difficult to control where they are applied, and liquids tend to be very messy.

In the end, they all work to some degree; everyone is using something! It’s just that DVA’s WAXIE-PASTE is . . . Faster – Cleaner – More Versatile – More Precise & Easy to Clean Away, and Offers a Great Working Consistency


We guarantee you’ll be happy!


Features & Benefits


  • “Simplify your seating and adjustment procedures.” It applies simply and is easy to manipulate and control.
  • “Eliminate the need to hold paper in position; thereby increasing the versatility of applications.” Absolutely no need to try to ‘hold it in position’ during articulation or placing restorations.
  • “Eliminate unnecessary material use or unwanted ‘over-sprays.’” Material is placed only and exactly where needed!
  • “Totally controls the thickness of material desired for differing application needs.” Granular particles of paste allow the application of exactly the amount desired.
  • “Provides a completely clean working environment.” Amount of material used can be totally controlled.
  • “Improves the appearance of completed models and restorations.” Material is water soluble. It is, it really is!

DVA’s WAXIE-PASTE is absolutely the cleanest, most versatile, and precise fitting and occlusal adjustment product available to the industry!



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