Description & Application

The DVA Zap-Form System offers two primary applications in both fixed and removable applications. Zap-Form allows the fabrication of unbreakable transfer dies to be completed quickly and accurately. It also allows the fabrication of partial dentures without the use of wax and reduces the time necessary down to less than 20 minutes. Both applications are extremely easy and drastically save time.

Accurate, Unbreakable Transfer Dies

The DVA Zap-Form System allows dental technicians to fabricate accurate Transfer Dies in a matter of seconds without mixing and waiting or chipping and breaking. Transfer Dies are required when the doctor takes what’s referred to as a ‘Pick-up Impression’. Traditionally, transfer dies were fabricated using a type of monomer and polymer mixture, which can take an extended amount of time to cure and is can be very difficult to remove the crown from the die. Other waxes and silicones are sometimes used in addition to the acrylic. The Hot Melt Compound part of the system offers stability and accuracy without the worry of breaking or chipping the margins on either the restoration or die(s). What’s really nice is both skilled and unskilled technicians have the ability to fabricate extremely accurate and usable transfer dies in seconds! Fast, Easy and Simple.


Product Benefits

  • Increases accuracy and stability of transfer dies
  • Eliminates chipping of margins
  • Eliminates mixing or waiting
  • Allows the fabrication of multiple transfer dies in Seconds
  • Provides multiple applications in fixed and removable laboratories
  • Drastically reduces labor



  • Easy to apply
  • Works in Seconds
  • Absolutely no learning curve


Fabricating a wax-less Partial Denture in less than 20 minutes:

The DVA Zap-Form System offers an extremely accurate and viable alternative to the use of wax when fabricating a partial denture. Those partial laboratories can now make a partial denture in less than 20 minutes WITHOUT THE USE OF WAX. This wax-less technique allows the technicians to eliminate the traditional procedures such as, investing and boiling-out. All procedures can now be completed right at the work bench! And the finished product will be totally accurate! The magic is in our unique putty material we call, Zap-Putty. Zap-Putty’s unique characteristics offers tight gingival margins and embrasure areas, plus the ability to add stippling if desired.Now, take a few moments to view our demonstration videos, as they will speak volume. Both applications are extremely unique and will save time, labor and generate increased PROFITS IMMEDIATELY! Customers have reported the Zap-Form Die & Resin System pays for itself with the first two partials.


Product Benefits

  • Allows the fabrication of partial dentures in less than 20 minutes
  • Eliminates the use of wax
  • Eliminates investment procedure
  • Eliminates the boil-out procedure
  • Reduces labor time and costs


Product Demos

DVA’s Zap-Form System – Unbreakable, Accurate Transfer Dies

DVA’s Zap-Form System – Waxless Partials

DVA’s Zap-Form – Waxless Partial Dentures, less than 30 minutes!

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