Zircon-Brite Demonstration


Description & Application

ZIRCON-BRITE is a solid polish provided in a jar that can be used to polish all types of crown and bridge restorative materials. Including:

  • Zirconium Sub-structure Collars
  • Zirconium Full-Contour Restorations
  • Layered Porcelains
  • IPS e.max® and Empress® Porcelains
  • All Cad/Cam Generated Restorations
  • All Composite Restorations


ZIRCON-BRITE is unique in two major areas:

  • It is the ONLY polish that will shine Zirconium to a high luster!
  • It will polish all of the materials mentioned above in seconds!

ZIRCON-BRITE is unique both in performance and price. It works extremely fast and costs about one-tenth the price of competitive products.

ZIRCON-BRITE was previously sold and distributed as “BRITENESS,” but as DVA discovered its effectiveness with Zirconia, it has been re-named to its present ZIRCON-BRITE.

ZIRCON-BRITE‘s packaging has also been re-designed. It is now available in twenty (20-g) gram jars offering wider access for brushes and wheels.

Dental packages are also available, which include convenient to use polishing bristle brushes for:

  • Effective, ease-of-use
  • Prevention of patient cross-contamination (The brushes are designed for a one-time ‘dip’ into the jar; loaded with ZIRCON-BRITE, applied to the working area, and then discarded)
  • Easy access for polishing occlusal surfaces
  • Easy polishing in occlusal anatomy



Along with the increase in the desire to polish porcelain as an alternative to re-glazing following any necessary re-shaping or contact adjustments, the past decade has seen the introduction and an acceptance of Zirconium-supported porcelain restorations. Milled Zirconium copings, based upon their esthetic color, outstanding mechanical strength, and biocompatibility, have also begun to be introduced into the market and proven to be a viable alternative to traditional metal-based porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFMs) crowns and bridges; especially in anterior restorations.The zirconium copings, rather than being produced in the traditional lost-wax casting techniques, are milled from a solid block of Zirconium-oxide. The porcelain veneering is then accomplished by either applying a typical layering technique, or the final porcelain crown configuration may be pressed onto the coping.

In addition to milling Zirconium copings, techniques for milling all porcelain crowns have existed for several years. In this technique, the entire crown structure is milled from a special pre-manufactured porcelain block. All-porcelain restorations, (those not supported by metal understructures) while offering exceptional esthetics, suffer from limited fracture resistance, thus they are limited with regard to their ability to be fabricated into bridges, especially, posterior bridges. Recently, several manufacturers have introduced CAD/CAM systems and materials designed to mill full contoured crowns and bridges entirely from Zirconium. Such full-contoured restorations not only offer excellent esthetic values, they are virtually unbreakable.
It is reported that several additional systems for milling full-contour restorations will be introduced during the 2010 Chicago Mid-Winter exhibition. It would appear this development offers the greatest opportunity for DVA’s ZIRCON-BRITE.

It is reported that, until now, it was virtually impossible to mechanically polish Zirconium. Now, if milled full-contour restorations are going to be presented to the dentist for insertion, and if during the time of insertion any final adjustments must be made, there remains no method of re-sealing and polishing the crowns before final cementation. The alternative would be to once again, glaze the crown, which involves more time and inconvenience.

ZIRCON-BRITE will polish the crown in virtually in seconds!

Product Benefits

The benefits of ZIRCON-BRITE are very simple:

  1. Allows for the fast and simple re-sealing and polishing of Zirconium crowns and bridges after adjustments.
  2. Provides a high, marble-like luster in seconds.
  3. Eliminates the need to re-glaze a restoration following adjustments, thereby saving approximately 15 minutes in time by eliminating the need to progress through a re-glazing cycle in a furnace.
  4. Eliminate the exposure of the restoration to another high-temperature firing cycle.
  5. Saves money; a competitive volume equivalent to ZIRCON-BRITE would cost in excess of $300

ZIRCON-BRITE’s predecessor, “Briteness,” has acquired and enjoyed an illustrious career and outstanding market acceptance. Not only was it appointed as “one of the top 25 dental products for 2008,” it has been used by many porcelain demonstrators and advocates during the past several years. It is recognized as “the preferred polish of choice” by the leaders in the industry.

As this product is so easy-to-use, and its benefits become instantly recognizable, sampling to anyone seriously interested in enjoying its benefits is a very effective method of exposing this product and gaining additional satisfied customers.

DVA does have samples available, attached to attractive and informative information cards at reasonable prices.

An applicable “Price List” is available for all of the available ZIRCON-BRITE assortments and products are available upon request.

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